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Spring Evenings
The evenings are getting longer and the days warmer, so what better way to spend them than a lovely meal at the Quays followed by one of the latest releases? Lucky for you we’ve rounded up the best movies to catch at the cinema this spring plus some of the best offers from our restaurants!

Beauty and the Beast

The hotly anticipated ‘Beauty and the Beast’ returns to the big screen this spring in a live action version of the Disney classic. The beautiful Belle (Emma Watson) is imprisoned in a castle with a terrifying beast, but is he all he seems?

Personal Shopper

This new film with leading lady Kristin Stewart (of Twilight fame), tells the story of a personal shopper embroiled in a ghost story that is destined to leave you with a chill.


 Power Rangers

An 80s classic, Power Rangers return in this mega reboot which follows five teenagers who are infused with unique super powers. This is their journey of discovery and learning to harness their powers to save the world!

Ghost in the Shell

Based on a 1980 anime of the same name, Ghost in the Shell follows an technologically augmented female police officer as she tries to catch a notorious computer hacker. In a world where the lines between biology and technology are blurred, this film takes a look at some of the moral questions that arise from AI.