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St Oswald's Priory

Originally built by Queen Aethelflaed in c.900 AD, all that stands of St Oswald's Priory today are the remains are of the north wall.

The surviving arcade also contains features from alterations and additions made in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Aethelflaed of Mercia, daughter of King Alfred the Great, dedicated the church to Saint Oswald the revered Northumbrian king, following her capture of his relics from Barden in Lincolnshire.

As well as founding the church, Aethelflaed also re-planned and refortified Gloucester as a burgh – a walled town capable of defense against the marauding Vikings. The street layout of modern Gloucester follows the tenth century layout, which in turn was influenced by the underlying Roman town.

Useful Information

Priory road
Telephone: 01452 528095

Additional Information

Just the remains of St. Oswald’s Priory still stand today; therefore it is always available to see if you would like to visit. St Oswald’s park and ride is signposted from the ring road.

There are several other car parks in the city centre. The coach drop off point is also situated in St Oswald’s park and ride facility. There are 3 disabled parking spaces in the cathedral precincts.