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The Old Bell & Baker's Clock

A weird and wonderful place, the Old Bell was originally built about 1660 for apothecary Thomas Yate.

On the first floor is fireplace with an elaborately carved stone overmantle featuring the Yate family. One of the seated cherubs, representing the four sons, has six fingers on his left hand.

In 1912 the building was incorporated into the famous Bell Inn, which stood adjacent on the South side. The Bell was the birthplace of George Whitefield, the evangelist, who travelled through all of the American colonies in the middle of the eighteenth century. At this time the Inn was run by his brother Richard, and is featured in Henry Fielding's novel Tom Jones where it is described as "an excellent house indeed, and which I do seriously recommend to every reader".

Above this beautifully preserved Edwardian shop front is Baker's Clock - a chiming clock built in 1904. The bells are struck on the quarter hour by the figures of Old Father Time, John Bull and others representing Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Useful Information

The clock is at G. A. Baker & Son the Jewelers on Southgate Street near the Cross-in Gloucester. The figures are from left to right - An Irishwoman, an Englishman, Old Father Time, a Scotsman and a Welshwoman.

Additional Information

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Fri & Sat: 12pm – 12am