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Blackfriars Priory

Step back in time and experience the best example of a medieval Dominican Priory to be seen in Britain today.

Built in 1239, the Blackfriars Priory stands on the eastern part of William the Conqueror's castle. Take a tour, marvel at the legends, let your imagination run wild.

After Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries in the mid-sixteenth century, the site was bought by Sir Thomas Bell who converted the buildings around the cloister into a hat and cloth factory and made his home in the former church. Ladybellegate Street is named after his wife.

The Scriptorium on the south side of the Cloister is the oldest surviving purpose-built library building in Britain.

Useful Information

Ladybellegate Street
Telephone: 0870 333 1181
Adult - £3.50
Child - £Free
English Heritage members - £3.00